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Load case 2

Three dimensional loading of the left lateral half-rollbar

The second load case consists of a downward directed 3 dimensional loading of the left lateral half-rollbar in proximity of the drivers head (figure 1).
The loading F2 is calculated by :

F2 = 3,5 x (1.280 kg + 150 kg) x 9,81 m/s² = 49.099 N

The structure successfully bearies this load. Maximum stamp displacement under full load is about 31 mm. The remaining plastic deformation after unloading is about 13 mm (figure 2).
In the contact area between stamp and cage strain values reach about 10% plastic strain (figure 4).

The original Ford GT green house shows a significant inclination of the A-pillars. They are strongly inclined as well to the back (X) as to the inside (Y).
Consequently, the leverage conditions are very unfavourable. This leads to the necessity of additionally reinforcing the side impact area (front).

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